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Urless is a service to reduce a long link into more manageable and usable URLs, built with powerful tools to help you grow and protect your brand.

Character limits

Tracking clicks

Tracking performance

Branding and marketing

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Decrease character numbers for social media sharing.

7 Advantages of URL Shortener

Improve user experience and make it easier for your readers to share your content. Make your life easier with a shorter URL Structure.

More legitimacy

Ability to track the performance

More streamlined in appearance

URL Shorteners promote sharing

Easier to replicate

They lead to a higher click-through rate

Tracking capabilities


Click analytics

Provide you with the data from all the clicks through your links.

UTM parameter support

Short pieces of code that you can add to links, a tool that allows you to simply and quickly add these snippets of code to your links.

Custom domain

This advanced feature allows you to make your domain fit your business needs. You can add the name of your brand in your link if you want. You should do this because it increases awareness of the brand and boosts trustworthiness.

Api integration

It is excellent for affiliate marketing as it allows users of your website to create short links from your website, you can also integrate it with other external applications for better results.

Bulk short links

With this feature, you can create multiple short URLs at the same time. It saves you a lot of time needed for the creation of individual short links for each web page.

Advanced analytics

Gives your business an insight into the data of your viewers, it interprets information that you need for marketing plan or strategy, it saves you the time of breaking down the analysis.

Make it easier for your audience to trust and click a shorter link.

Something big is coming your way