The Social Plus Awarded BBB Accreditation

The Social Plus has been officially recognized by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for its quality and length of service.


The Social Plus was created in 2012 in Chicago, Illinois and started as a SaaS company (software as a service) that built customized IT solutions for mortgage banks while simulations managing their online blogs. Now 10 years later The Social Plus has expanded its client base into several industries from financial to automotive, telecom, manufacturing, media, retail, and consumer goods, all requesting its services. To keep up with demand The Social Plus is continuously hiring web developers and support staff.

The Social Plus has developed a reputation (see testimonials) for not refusing any requested task as too challenging. From mobile applications to web applications, professional consulting, technical support, legacy system integration, infrastructure solutions, to custom software & hardware development. This translates to building databases, websites, mobile websites, SEO, and offering full-service chat support. The Social Plus team does it all! If a business needs any type of IT service imaginable, The Social Plus can take up the task.


Becoming a certified BBB member now underlines the sincerity and professionalism in which The Social Plus conducts itself, hence it has been awarded with this well-deserved accreditation. To be a member amongst other ranking BBB businesses delivering honest products and services is honor. In today’s competitive landscape of supply chain issue, a high employment rate, and inflation effecting operating costs, it’s stressing business to the breaking point in terms of delivering the same size or length of product or service. However, in the current environment, The Social Plus continues to satisfy its clients with its IT services at very competitive prices, the company truly is the wise choice for all types of software development needs.